How does it work…?

The recent self-immolation protests that took place in occupied Tibet call us to action! We can’t remain silent, yet what can we do to effectively generate broad awareness of the tragic situation in Tibet that is driving Tibetans to such desperate measures? Well, here is one simple, yet thought-provoking action that can be undertaken very easily, at no cost and with little time:

Using a simple piece of chalk, let’s outline the Tibetan dead in our streets.

The objective of this action is to generate the buzz which will cause it to go viral, along the lines of guerrilla marketing. This means that your particular action in this campaign needs to be shared among your friends and, via a dedicated website, among larger online communities.

How to proceed

This powerful action requires very little: two persons, one piece of chalk and a camera. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose a busy spot or a place with symbolic significance in your own town or city.
  2. One person lies flat on the ground, as if he or she were a dead body (this should draw much attention by itself).
  3. The other person draws a chalk outline of the body.
  4. Tape a piece of paper with a message inside the chalk outline or write the message directly on the ground with chalk. A typical message might read “Once again this morning [or yesterday, or last week] a Tibetan committed self-immolation in Tibet in protest against China’s brutal occupation”.
  5. Take a photo of the scene.
  6. Post the photo here and on your favorite social networks, requesting your friends to do the same in their own towns and cities.

6 Responses to How does it work…?

  1. Joe Hamilton says:

    This is a great idea !

  2. Rigzin Wangchuk says:

    wonderful and effective movement!

  3. teny says:

    I really do appreciate of what has been created newly for our tibet.Jai Tibet!

  4. Wendy Wyatt says:

    I was going to do this today, but got really busy with work and didn’t have chalk when I remembered after work. I hope to do this tomorrow, and will upload my photo! 🙂
    #FreeTibet on Twitter too!

  5. Marilia Bellaterra says:

    I just addes some pics (Milano – Italy) but I don’t see in the Virus traces … Thamks for your answer, Marilia

  6. Web Chowkidar says:

    Marilia, your photos are now activated and listed via the Virus Traces page. Cheers.

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